Colonial Silversmith

Today at the silver workshop.I had to make a silver cup.First I weighed it.A lot of the stuff I weigh is (VERY) heavy.I pour the smelted iron into a mold called an ingot.That makes it good for storage.Next I had to hammer it,Into its
shape.My hammers have to be in tip top shape.Then was polishing,polishing is probably the hardest part.Finally I have to strike a mark.For the symbol or the initials.My job is hard work,it takes all of that just to make one small cup.I hope my job is just temporary.

Who is William Penn

Who is William Penn

He was a quaker

Founded Pennsylvania

Established liberties and Privileges in 1701

Was an english noblewriter

Was a quaker

Father was a leader of the english navy

Under direction philadelphia was planned and developed

Apart of the Society of friends

Jailed for Blasphemy in the tower of England

He made missionary trips


That is William Penn!

Fortnite trouble

My name is Li’l byrd I love to play Fortnite.I play squad with my friend Will and Tyson.One day we we were playing Fortnite.We landed at Wailing woods and some kind of vampire stops us.At the time I had a legendary scar,blue tactical shotgun,legendary bolt,and a purple r.p.g and last but not least a med kit.I took out my bolt and sniped the vampire.Then I revived Tyson and Will.But the vampire was still alive we took him out together then the rest of his army came.We all took out our blue tactical shotguns and killed them one by one.Then we got a victory royale.


My friend Clayton brought me to the homecoming game.All of my friends were there my mom had left me with a ten dollar bill as soon as I had got there I bought one of those blow horn things.After I bought one all of my friends bought one to.We went around blowing them everywhere.After we blew them for a while we got tired and sat down and talked for a while.A little bit after they were giving out mcdonalds coffee we drank so much I felt sick so I bought a blizzard and some punch straws for me and my friend jordy.I had spent all of my money and I still felt sick so I begged everybody for two more dollars to get a water then somebody finally gave me the money so,I bought a water and I felt much better,By then It was third quarter of the game and we were winning.Me and my friends went in this corner by the entrance and pretty much just sat and talked then Clayton’s dad said to come here.He said it was time to leave.The next day was the homecoming parade my team wore our jerseys.We got on a big float and threw out candy I saw my family when we passed by I also saw my saw my dog he is a great dane his name is Zeus,but back to the story after we were done Clayton came home with me again and we watched the longhorns game.

Life in 5th grade

1.      Life in fifth  grade is awesome you get to have a lot more freedom.Its putting a little more pressure on me but that’s ok.My favorite teacher in fifth grade is mr.mcbride my favorite thing that he says is its not the teacher it’s the science.History’s really new to me but I think I’ve got the hang of it.I also cannot wait t’ll middle school.I love my teachers and I love 5th grade.

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